Join The Read For 15 Team

I want YOU to join my team of superstar readers. To get on the team, print out the Read for 15 follow along program and read for just 15 minutes a day for 15 weeks! There are some fun activities included that you can do throughout the program as well. There are so many cool benefits to reading, like discovering new places, learning new words, and expanding your imagination. We'll have some cool prizes throughout the program, so don't give up. How many books can you read in 15 weeks? I can't wait to hear about every last one of them!

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes II

For Parents

15 Ways To Promote Reading At Home

  1. Create a "to-read" list that your child can check off
  2. Read as a family - taking turns reading passages
  3. Ask open ended questions about your child's books
  4. Turn off the television and designate a set reading time
  5. Try allowing 15 minutes of electronics AFTER 15 minutes of reading
  6. Reading out loud helps build confidence
  7. Give books as gifts and find a special place for your child to keep them
  8. Make reading a privilege, not a chore
  9. Encourage your child to point to the words as you read to keep their attention
  10. Talk with your child about the pictures on the page
  11. Talk as the characters would talk - use funny voices and facial expressions
  12. Let your child see you reading for pleasure
  13. Allow your child to read independently before falling asleep
  14. Go to the library and let your child pick out their own books
  15. Invite your child to read with you